Wow, I'm humbled by visitor's comments ...

When you put your heart and soul into creating something for public viewing you have no idea how it will be recieved. As an artist it is a curious and in some ways a nervous experience to stand before strangers explaining that what they are looking at is a reflection of the thought processes inside your own head. 

My hope has always been to find a way to portray my last two years of research, initially into the perils of plastic and then to the wider subject of climate change in all its intertwined complexity, in creative, playful and engaging ways. I've always hoped that it might spark some interesting conversations.

You never really know what people take away with them, or truly whether what they see inspires them to become more actively engaged. At just over the mid point of the 3 week opening we have had over 300 amazing visitors. The conversations we've had as we invigilate the space certainly make us feel that something is happening, and the comments book seems to reflect that too.

I hope you get to see the exhibition which closes at 5pm on Saturday, 29th February 2020.

Jeni McConnell

- Great exhibition. We will keep fighting
- Bravo, I wish you every success
- So important, spread the word
- Biomass - eye opening. Ecobricks - inspiring Here's hoping communities can be motivated to change
- What a brilliant initiative, good luck for half term
- Thank you
- Bravo, keep going
- Extraordinary artwork and exhibition. Support needed from local people to expand this knowledge
- Bravo, keep going
- Love the passion! We need more people like you!
- So creative and inspiring, thank you
- Very knowledgeable, will research in future
- Great
- Keep your stuff going
- An extensive and interactive exhibition reminding us all to do our bit for the planet. Thank you x
- Thought provoking
- Excellent
- Thank you
- Great
- Very worthwhile
- Carry on the good work. I will try too
- You're doing a brilliant job. Well done
- Lots to think about. Thank you
- I liked playing the monkey game
- Very interesting and illuminating
- Interesting and raises awareness
- Very inspiring - given me lots to think about
- Gives us lots to think about
- Amazing space, well done Jeni
- Thanks for putting this out there. I hope it helps people to at least make one change
- Depressing prospect but with uplifting outcome if we all do our bit
- Would be good to connect with the things we are doing at Boarbank
- Very creative and energising, stimulates a sense of passion and motivation to be healthy and positive
- Amazing place to start very important conversations to take forward
- We need to be large in numbers, there is "power" in numbers and voices
- Congratulations!