Suggestions, Questions & more

We've had lots of suggestions and questions so these are being listed here to make sure we don't lose them!

- South Cumbria Rivers Trust TALK/volunteering
- Children's WORKSHOPS for half term weeks
- Rag rug/pom pom making (Shirley)
- Cold to Cosy (Izzy/CAFs) - week 3
- Patio/Small space veg growing (Tricia)
- Promises board - what we will do differently
- Repair shop - anyone interested?

1. Community Scrap Store, Rag Tag Arts in Kendal Call 01539 232552
Ragtag Arts is a not for profit community arts company, based in the South Lakes. We deliver quality workshops for schools, groups and events, as well as running the community Scrapstore.
2. The carbon footprint of a medium dog has the same carbon footprint as a small car
3. What are dishwasher tablets wrapped in? are they recyclable/safe?
4. Acidification visual - red cabbage in water, pour red water into small dish, blow on liquid - colour clears
5. Global warming visual - nail polish removed, water in dish on/in metal container. Blow on surface, it freezes.
6. Reusable nappies save £2k for first child and thereafter free. (Chrissy)
7. Sew n sew - make do and mend shop in Grange
8. Growing with Grace South Lakes veg delivery from near lancaster
9. Hargans, wholesale fruit & veg (also to the public), Moor Lane, Flookburgh (just after the fisheries. Open midnight to 12 noon Mon to Sat.